“Find A Way” Review

Music Blog, DOMINIONATED, has posted a beautifully written review of my debut EP. Seriously, I couldn’t have found better words to summarize “Find A Way” myself!
Read the review here.

“Find A Way features relatable lyrics and chordal simplicity, but tugs harder at the heartstrings than your average folk song.”

“Wild” Hits 1,000 Views

Wow! I’m so honoured that so many people can relate to this song. I’ve had lots of feedback, and, to be honest, I did not expect this concept to resonate with others as much as it seems to. I thought I was crazy for feeling these emotions, and now I know I was wrong. We are human. We can’t control which emotions come up, only how we react to them.

Keep loving and living life to its fullest!

Here’s the video for Wild
And something special: Wild performed Live with Blonde Wolf

Indie Playlist

Brave has been added to an absolutely beautiful playlist!
A love song about helping one another through hardships, this tune is a fan favourite from “Find A Way”.
You can listen to this beautiful playlist on YouTube and Spotify (and I highly recommend it!)

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